The Invisible Deck is one of magic’s classic and perhaps most often seen card tricks.

How is the Invisible Deck Performed?

The Invisible Deck is usually presented as a mind-reading trick (ie. Mentalism) where the magician knows what card the spectator was going to choose. This is the essence of how it is performed:

  • The magician asks the spectator to think of a card
  • The spectator names that card
  • The magician opens a deck of cards (he has not touched)
  • The spectator’s thought of card is shown to be the only one upside down in the deck

Often the tricks is presented with the actual shuffling and turning over of the thought of card being performed on an imaginary deck of cards – hence the name “The Invisible Deck”.

However, over the years, this basic idea has been changed and adapted by many magicians and this magic trick is now performed in many variations.

Here is an example of the Invisible Deck being performed with more or less the standard presentation by Jarek 1:20 (of How to Disturb Reality fame)

Where can I buy the Invisible Deck?

It is possible to make your own invisible deck with a can of special spray and a lot of time.

However, given that it only costs about $10 to buy one, I would suggest you do that. Not only do you get the deck of cards, many Invisible Decks come with instructions or DVDs too. This is handy because  if you are a beginner with this magic trick, you will need a little guidance.

So what are the options for buying an Invisible Deck?

I have found the best two Invisible Deck options are cheaply available from Amazon. Here are the links:-

If you are looking for some more detailed information and some alternative presentations and ideas for the Invisible Deck, this DVD from Joshua Jay and Paul Harris is amazing:

History of The Invisible Deck

So how did this magic trick start out? Joe Berg created the original “Ultra Mental Deck” back in the 1930s. Many years later, Eddie Fields created the invisible presentation – which later lead to its more well known name “The Invisible Deck”. Eddie apparently came up with the idea after seeing a patient shuffling an imaginary deck of cards in a psychiatric ward of a hospital. The rest is history!

Today the majority of magicians refer to this magic trick as “The Invisible Deck”, although you will sometimes hear people refer to it as the Ultra Mental Deck as well.

Once you have a copy and can perform the trick, I suggest looking for some alternative presentations to make the trick more dynamic and fun for the audience.

Alternative Presentations of the Invisible Deck

To show you how the invisible deck itself is a powerful tool and can be used in many different routines (like in the Handpicked Invisible Deck DVD), here is one alternative presentation.

It is another great video from Jarek 1:20, this time he is doing a slightly different version of the Invisible Deck with a friend of his, take a look: