cards spread

One of the biggest areas in magic is card tricks.

There are thousands of card tricks out there, and choosing where to begin is difficult.

The following are some card tricks I recommend for beginners and intermediate level magicians:

Beginner’s Card Magic

Some of the greatest magic you can find is also available for the beginner.

Start out like I did, and grab yourself a copy of The Royal Road to Card Magic. There is no better way to walk through all the basics of card handling.

But, if you are looking for just some easy card tricks to fool your friends, you could also try About’s list of easy card tricks.

Self Working

These kinds of card tricks require little skill. Which does not mean to say they should not be presented as amazing.

  • Do as I do
  • Chad Long’s Shuffling Lesson
  • Gemini Twins
  • Use the Cross-cut force


Simple Sleight of Hand

A little bit harder, but still packing a punch: these card tricks require learning a few simple slights, but will amaze your audience